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Our patient Rosana has carried out a treatment of 8 Nobel Biocare implants with fixed provisional immediate load to correct her severe periodontal problem in which she had a great loss of bone and mobility in all the pieces. After extracting his pieces and performing the sanitation within 24 hours he has recovered the masticatory function and his oral aesthetic.


Again we show you that you can smile again. Dr. Barbera placed 4 implants per archway immediately and rehabilitated them with 2 fixed prostheses. Our Fina patient has regained her masticatory function and has gained quality of life.


Treatment of extractions of upper canines and placement of 4 Nobel Biocare Implants of Provisional Immediate Load in 1 day of the upper arch. The patient went to Implant Clinics with the removable prosthesis and implants of the lower arch finished a year ago in an external center. Dr. Barberá intervenes to the patient Montse, extracting canine and placing 4 implants in the upper arch, taking measurements for temporary fixed prosthesis without gum or palate. Montse, will return to review […]


A few weeks ago, Dr. Barberá of Implant Clinics operated on our patient Pepa. They extracted numerous radicular remains and teeth in bad condition. Six Parallel Nobel implants were placed in the upper arch and 4 in the lower arch using the provisional fixation technique. The operation lasted about 4 hours and Pepa returns to smile.


Today we introduce you to Salvador! Salvador went to Implant Clinics with a major problem in his oral health. He put himself in the hands of Dr. Barberá who operated on him obtaining an excellent result. ! All of his teeth were extracted, he was cleaned and 12 GMI Frontier implants plus Iceberg.oss bone and Jason Membrane were implanted. The final fixed prosthesis was performed by Dr. Barberá and Dr. Talamantes. Salvador returns to smile and enjoys a better quality […]


Today we introduce you to our patient Amparo who came to us with a serious oral problem. Dr. Javier Barbera operated it by removing all her affected teeth, replacing them with 12 deferred load implants and later Dr. Javier Rotea made her porcelain prosthesis. Amparo has recovered the masticatory function, her oral health and returns to smile.


Today we introduce you to our patient Ana: She came to us with the masticatory function greatly diminished and she was placed 4 Nobel-Biocare Parallel implants per arch and 2 temporary fixed prostheses were performed with immediate loading the same day. Now Ana is smiling again and can eat perfectly again.


We introduce you our patient Manuel: He went to Implant Clinics to solve his oral problem and Dr. Javier Barberá gave an integral solution by placing 6 Nobel Active implants in the upper arch and 4 Parallel in the lower arch, with immediate provisional fixed prostheses in one session. Manuel has regained his smile and functionality.


We introduce you to Pepe. Our patient attended a consultation with a severe periodontal problem and Dr. Barberá operated on him performing extractions, cleaning of infectious lesions and subsequent placement of 8 Parallel Nobel implants in the same session. The next day the provisional fixed fixed prostheses were placed in both arches and Pepe has recovered his masticatory function and his smile. 👨‍🔬😁


Today we introduce you to Jerónimo. Our patient went to Implant Clinics with a complicated oral situation. Dr. Barberá made him a temporary fixed immediate load with 12 implants and this is the final result with his permanent fixed porcelain prosthesis. We remind you that the first visit is free, including Tac 3D.

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