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Immediate loading implants

Immediate loading implants represent a breakthrough in the world of dentistry, are predictable and give the patient of Implant Clinics the possibility of recovering in a single session the masticatory function from the first day, having a correct phonetics in such a way that the patient can speak without any problem, without forgetting the aesthetic that is increasingly in demand, allowing us to smile with total naturalness, strengthening self-esteem and thus improve the quality of life of our patients.

All this with provisional therapeutic acrylic prostheses once the implants are already osseointegrated (already welded to the bone), they are placed the definitive fixed prostheses.

In order to increase the success rate of the immediate loading implants, in the diagnosis of the case we made a complete radiological study in 3D, study models, which together with the planning allows us to make a better diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient, allowing thus being able to indicate which is the best prosthesis for each case

Our main objective is to solve the oral problems of our patients quickly, efficiently and above all with aesthetics.


After implanting, to perform tooth extractions or post-treatments, it is necessary to have the best equipment. In our facilities we have the CLAROS PICO ELEXXION laser, in order to perform the dental treatments in the best way for our patients. Laser treatments for their advantages to conventional forms of treatment shorten the time of the procedures and improve clinical results.

Thanks to the Elexxion laser we work more quickly thanks to the high power of the device, in addition to choosing the correct wavelength and performing preprogrammed and personalized work for each type of patient and treatment to be performed.

Nowadays, more and more patients prefer laser treatments for their advantages to conventional forms of treatment. And the reasons are obvious, after all, Elexxion multipulse laser dentistry is faster, more efficient and less aggressive, causing less morbidity, it is much less painful and also there is no bleeding. Elexxion AG, the leader in high quality dental lasers, has recently introduced a minimalist and powerful portable diode laser. That means we already offer our patients the benefits of laser dentistry. Indications of laser treatments are: they shorten the time of the procedures and improve the clinical results.

ALL ON 4 ®

If you have lost most or all of your teeth, an advanced dental solution held with implants is the best alternative to the poor fixation of dentures. All-on-4® minimally invasive solution with a fixed full arch restoration for high satisfaction.

Four implants can make a difference to stabilize your denture and provide you with a complete set of fixed teeth. Endorsed by numbers scientific studies that certify the quality and durability of the treatment, with Nobel Biocare first brand implants with more than 40 years of market.

The All-on-4® treatment concept Restores something more than a smile. It offers edentulous and potentially edentulous patients a fixed full arch prosthesis on four implants on the same day of the intervention. This quickly leads to an improvement in patient satisfaction in relation to: Function, Aesthetics, Perception, Speech, Self-esteem.

For this reason, it is an attractive treatment option and a potential change of life for patients:

  • Rapid improvement in the quality of life
  • Functional teeth in less time
  • Less costs
  • Stability even with minimum bone volume

Patient cases


Our patient Rosana has carried out a treatment of 8 Nobel Biocare implants with...


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